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Annapolis Deck & Rail on "Fundy"

Annapolis Deck & Rail on "Fundy"

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Handmade in Nova Scotia from premium maple.

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Tournament Pro *Plus* Series Board
"Annapolis" deck & rail on "Fundy" ditch

  • Pro Plus boards have the same specs as our Pro boards. Same dimensions. Same materials. Same lacquer coating. Different price reflects more labour (masking and extra lacquer setups to avoid stain colour bleeding to other components).
  • Dimensions:  26″ playing surface, dropping 1/2″ to a full 2″ gutter/ditch. The side rail is 1/4″ of solid maple, so this makes the board 30-1/2″ overall. The middle hole is 1-3/8″.
  • The circles are at a radius of 4, 8, and 12″ from the centre.
  • Handmade with premium maple. The base and playing surface are both 1/2″ maple plywood (mdf core), which is all one piece.  Ditch and back are maple, not raw or painted “composite board”. 1/4″ laminated maple outside rim.
  • The Posts (pegs) are solid brass screws, therefore, ensuring straight alignment and durability and covered with black latex rubber, the sleeves provide lots of soft bounce.
  • The entire board, including the bottom surface, is protected with multi coats of smooth, high quality water-based furniture/cabinet lacquer, applied in our own in-shop spray booth.
  • Playing deck is pre waxed for exceptionally fast play.
  • Soft rubber feet on the bottom of the board help to protect surfaces and in addition, keep the board in place stable.

    • 26 maple checkers. (24 required for a game + 1 extra of each colour).
    • Gameplay instructions (glossy, full colour “Crokinole Handbook”)
    • Cloth pouch for the checkers.
    • Ready-to-hang "french cleat" hanging system, with instructions, screws, and hanging block included. The board portion on the cleat system is recessed into the back of the board - so no rough surface or extra thick feet required to provide spacing.
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