Satisfied Customers

Here are a sampling of the many hundreds of emails received over the last 16 years!

“I wanted the BEST and had read in many places that Muzzies was the place to buy! This Honey Birdseye  is way more beautiful than I ever anticipated. The color just makes the birdseye pattern “pop”. The construction and crafting are superb and the finish is unbelievably smooth and fast!  All my friends who have seen it are blown away and those who already have boards wish they waited and got a Muzzies! So glad we added the padded Carry Case. It gives complete and perfect protection to my board so  I can take it everywhere I have opportunity – to show it off and teach others this amazing game!!!"  Pete, CA


“We received our board yesterday and are blown away at the quality and attention to detail out into the craftsmanship! We’ve played on your boards before at friends homes and knew yours was the only we’d be happy with. Thanks so much, this is something we will have forever! ”  J.H. ,  MI


“THANK YOU! Murray for a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! I ordered the FUNDY board and am IMMENSELY PLEASED with it ! Have friends over often to play, and they never stop commenting on how beautiful and playable this board is. If anyone visiting this page is considering a Muzzie board,I assure you, you will not be disappointed!” – L.G.  AB.


“YAY..thank you!!!! We are all so excited to have such a quality board …many happy memories to look forward to. Merry Christmas!” – L.B.


“Murray, My husband and I ordered a board 2 years ago from you and LOVE IT. Since then my sister and family purchased one from you, and now we want to get one for our parents!
Thank you for such a great product!” – J.G., Saskatchewan


“The board arrived without being damaged or getting wet  It is really nice and it feels great to touch the natural wood. We are very happy with the game. Kind Regards” – Ralf, Austria


“Murray, I received the board today. It’s perfect. From my family here, thank you very much.” – Andrew


“Just wanted to say that I received my shipment today. My son is going to be over the moon Christmas morning when he sees this board. I want to congratulate you on a beautiful product. It is more beautiful than I anticipated, your website does not do these products justice. Thank you.” – M.C.


“Today my Blomidon board has arrived. The customs procedure went over very fast because of the invoice you attached on the outside. I don’t have to show up there, they calculated the fees I have to pay and delivered it to my door today. Just by coincidence my favourite Crokinole buddy showed up today, so we immediately had some games on my new board. I really like it very much, very smooth and fast playing area and a fantastic look! Also the discs are very good (that is often the weak point when buying a new board). My wife just finished work and will arrive here soon, so I will play even more this evening. Thanks again for your excellent customer service the parcel was without any damage despite its long journey. Best regards.” – Marcus, Germany


“…will be a surprise gift for him so hope it gets here before I leave. I bought one of your boards for my grandson earlier and was very impressed with your product so know my son will appreciate this one. Well done for such a value product.” – Gil


“Gorgeous board my wife got me for Christmas. played several games with her mother last night and had a great time! Thanks for making a great board and for getting it to the States in time for Christmas!” – T.B.


“Just wanted to let you know my board arrived today and ahead of schedule. It is absolutely beautiful. Now to start practicing so I can beat my friends as they’ve never heard of it. Thank you.” – Lori


“The board arrived today. I’m used to playing on my family’s old board, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with a ‘modern’ board. I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of every part of the board and the pieces. The outer frame is much thicker and sturdier than the one my family has back home, so I think the game should last a long time. Thank you so much for the crokinole board! I look forward to teaching the game to my friends and students.” – Ryan, Japan


“….I guess your boards truly are the best gift ever!” – Christopher


“I would like to order the Blomidon board for my sister. I absolutely love the board George gave me for my Birthday, you certainly do beautiful work. I referred a friend of mine to you. Thanks.” – June


“We ordered a tournament crokinole board from you last year and it has been a great experience. We are very happy with the quality and performance of the board — and the beauty! It is the hit of every party down here in New Jersey, no one has seen it before but they are all crokinole addicts when they leave. And, being a native Canuck myself, it’s been great to share with my kids. Thanks again. You may be seeing a rush of orders from Jersey in the coming months . . .” – J.B., New Jersey


“Just wanted to say thanks for the Crokinole board, it arrived safely last week. The board itself is beautiful, and couldn’t have wished for more from the playing surface… We’ve already had lots of good fun with it! Easily one of the best things I’ve ever had in the post  Thanks.” – Mike, UK


“IT ARRIVED SAFE AND SOUND AND IS A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Margo


“Thanks. The game arrived on Monday and it looks fantastic! I have already played it a ton with my son and it is light years better than what I had before. Hats off to your superior workmanship. It shows that you care about your product.” – David


“The board arrived today. It’s beautiful. Thank you!” – Carolyn


“The boards are amazing Murray! And my kids are loving learning, thanks for making em for us!!” – Jake


“Just received my board, it’s beautiful, well worth the wait. Just wanted to say good job & I will definitely refer friends and family to your site.” – Jason


“I am really looking forward to playing the board and finding it a place of honor on my game room wall! Thanks again!” – T.W.


“I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to buy one of your boards. I absolutely love that thing, and so do my roommates. I believe one of my friends just ordered one from you.” – D.M., California


“Thank you Muzzies for my fantastic Crokinole board – pure quality! I love it and so does everyone else – a star attraction and one of my best investments by far!!!” – M.D., Wales.


“The board arrived today in perfect condition. (I peeked inside). I can’t wait to see the boys open it up. Thank you so much again.” – Mike


“I just wanted to let you know that we received our Crokinole board. It was a gift for my husband. He was very impressed with the craftsmanship! He is extremely happy with your product. Thank you for your great work.” – L.F., Alberta


“I can’t believe it! My board just arrived this morning and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Thanks a bunch for everything, I’m over the moon! I hope more European visitors will be inclined to buy a board from you, once they see that the board arrived in Belgium safely! Attached are some pictures of the board in action  Thanks again for everything!” – Jo, Belgium


“Finally I received a board. Great quality – thank you! Thank you once more for all your service!” – T.P., Lithuania


“I received the board last week. It is beautiful! We have already played hundreds of rounds on it. Thanks!” Bobby McT


“Im sorry, I should be write you before but I’ve been busy. Crokinoles have been an exito [SUCCESS] -absolutely!- in our club and my brothers are happy too. I always talk about your work -great- and about you -great person-. I knew other people in our club has bought boards to you, I am very happy with this too. congratulations! the board is impressive, very beautiful, thank you very much! My best wishes for you and your people!” – Jose, Spain


“We have had the game about 2 weeks and it is a HIT. We invite couples over to play a new game we found and they leave in love with Crokinole. We are quick to direct them to Muzzies. Love the board and thanks for getting it to us so soon.” – J.S., KY


“Hi Murray. Firstly, Happy Holidays to you all. Thank you, the board arrived to-day ..looking every bit as beautiful as we were hoping! Best regards.” – Dave, Austria


“Yes, I did buy a crokinole board for my husband last Christmas. He learned to play from a roomate in college and fell in love with the game. He loves his board! Its perfect. His father always asks us if we brought the game when we go to visit them, so I thought that it would make a perfect gift for him this Christmas. Thanks for doing great work!” – A.B., New York


“We picked up the board yesterday and gave it to our son. He was thrilled. What a gorgeous board! Thanks for dropping it off, and for the extra pins.” – R.C., Ottawa


“I truly appreciate your kindness and have enjoyed doing business with a company with such good customer service. That is getting to be a rare thing in this day and time. Your board is really pretty and I thank You so much for all your help and if we ever get your direction I will stop in to see you and just shake your hand for your thoughtfulness and great customer service.” – M.K., Alaska


“Just wanted to say how happy we are with the board you shipped to us a couple of weeks ago. Already had a Saturday night Crokinole party.” – G.F., Nova Scotia


“I just wanted to tell you that the crokinole boards arrived in time for Christmas and that both families were very pleased with this gift. Hope you have a good New Year and may God bless.” – D.J., Virginia


“My board arrived yesterday thank you, it’s excellent and we have had about 30 games already! Service at your end was top notch.” – A.M., United Kingdom


“I got the board! It’s BEAUTIFUL! Even nicer than I thought! I played it with a friend, and it seemed like a lot of fun! I’ll recommend your boards on Finnish boardgame forums.” – A.P., Finland


“It arrived and it was a hit! We are working to expose the resident of southeastern Wisconsin to crokinole! Thanks for all of the help!” – T.K., Wisconsin


“Got it, and it love it! Thanks! I grew up in rural southwestern Ontario playing a lot of crokinole, and I’m glad I’ll be able to bring a board along with me to my new house.” – M.R., Quebec


“I hope things are going well in the new shop! My wife and I have played my brother-in-laws game and we are addicted!!! I’d like to order another board for my wife for a birthday party.” – T.K., Wisconsin


“The new board came day before yesterday and looks great. Thanks so much for being so nice to deal with, we’ll definitely keep you in mind if anyone else is looking to buy a board. :)” – E.A., Colorado

“The board arrived this morning, and travelled to the southern french countryside with no problem, it is pristine! So happy with it, thanks so much, it is gorgeous and sweet beyond belief.”  Remi -France


“I’ve received my new board.  It is absolutely remarkable.  I have never played on such a fast board.  We are enjoying it immensely. Thank you for your craftsmanship.” Ron,  AB

“Just to let you know that my board was delivered today and I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for crafting this beautiful game!”  Will, ON
“Received the board, beautiful craftsmanship, our kids will be home for Easter, looking forward to our first in house tourney. Thank you so much, all the best.”  Tom
“We gave the beautiful board you made to the kids today. They were thrilled! We sent them on a treasure hunt around Edmonton to find it. The board is an absolute work of art. We are all beyond pleased with your amazing craftsmanship and excellent service. Thank you very much!!!”  Jody, AB
“The board arrived today and it’s beautiful. My wife is already addicted to the game. Thank you so much!”   Joe
“This board is incredible Murray! I have played on scores of boards over the years including all of your strongest competitors’ products. This custom two tone cherry board is smoother and plays better and faster than anything out there! And nothing is even in the ball park when it comes to the beauty of this thing!
I  play it with joy and display it proudly!”  Don, ON
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